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New app from @billychasen, reminds me of Frontback (cc @fredd). @billychasen, you've created a few other apps in the past year (Supershot, Doublelock, and Picnic) all very different from one another. What's your goal with these? P.S. this reminds me of a post I wrote about "mashup products" a few years ago.
@rrhoover Thanks for posting! A big difference between Halfie and Frontback is that you take your half of the photo and send it to a bunch of people. They then complete the photo and you see all the completed halfies (which you can easily share on Instagram, Twitter, etc). Halfie has been incredibly fun to use. The creations sometimes come out looking like a Picasso, but that's part of the fun. At Ketchup, we're a tiny incubator of our own ideas. They vary and I think a lot of people try to attach themes of what they build after they already created them and look back. We go after ideas that we want to exist.
@billychasen @rrhoover The icon reminds me of another Haffy.
@thomasmeagher @rrhoover That's a cute piece of toast! I think we're closer in name than icon. Thanks for pointing it out, haven't seen them.
@billychasen @rrhoover this is brilliant! I was doing something similar on one of my private hacks but had a really crappy name of Selfie with Friends haha My use use was different (but totally compatible). I just wanted to have a coffee with friends in other parts of the world! haha Thanks for making it!
@billychasen Congrats! An original take on selfies is very much welcome. Reminds me of Frontback and Dubble. On a side note, we run a thoughtfully curated Slack group for visual startup founders. I think you would make a great addition to this community. Let me know if you are interested in an invite (message me at mail@imagingmind.com)! The goal of Imaging Mind is to share knowledge and insights about the visual tech space, physically connect founders-investors and strategic executives at events around forward facing imaging themes and last but not least host community hackathons to turn ideas into prototypes.
Wish this were called TwoFace.
@chrismessina that's awesome!
Cool concept! This app immediately reminded me of a Bernie Sanders promo video on voting together -
@vishwakk we literally just submitted it to the app store and then saw that ad! I love it. I wish we could get Bernie to use our app as a tie in.
Fun! Reminds me of the app Tworlds
Great for Valentine's Day. I wish I could also upload the other half's photo and share. Congratulations.