Haiku Animator for Windows

Create engaging animations for any app or website

At long last: introducing Haiku Animator for Windows. The world's most popular visual UI animation tool is now available on the world's most popular operating system.
Design animations and ship them right to production — for any iOS, Android, or Web codebase.
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Hey Product Hunt. Two years ago our team launched Haiku for Mac, then a year ago a major refresh as Haiku Animator. Today by popular request: we're proud to introduce Haiku Animator for Windows! If you want to add delightful animations to your website or native app (powered by Lottie) — you've come to the right place. Used by incredible minds from incredible companies like Lego, VRBO, Logitech, Deloitte, and Accenture — Haiku Animator is the world's favorite way to create UI animations that ship to production. Animator comes with a free 7-day trial. Give it a try today! https://www.haikuforteams.com/an... 💸💰💸 THIS WEEK ONLY — to celebrate our Windows launch, get TWO FREE MONTHS of Haiku Animator Pro. Use this link to redeem; expires May 1 2020: https://account.haikuforteams.co... 💸💰💸
?makers Why am I still asked to join the waitlist https://www.haikuforteams.com/wi... if you guys have launched the windows version.
@prakhar_shukla2 thanks for catching this! We just shipped an update to the site.