Haiku Animator

Create powerful animations for any app or website

#4 Product of the WeekMarch 08, 2019
Haiku Animator (formerly Haiku for Mac) lets you:
• Animate for any iOS, Android, or Web codebase
• Create Lottie files without After Effects
• Finesse animations with Animator's powerful timeline
• Use Figma, Sketch, or Illustrator to sync design assets
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11 Reviews5.0/5

Will file bug report


lovely animations... very easy coming from AE timelines


Beta app not working anymore (thot they killed it - but it maybe a missunderstanding)

It’s a bit steep. I don’t mind paying but 18$ month is quite high if I compared it with other indie subscriptions for suites like algorithmic. Then again for companies it’s a steal.
We didn't send a "kill". We love our early adopters! This is why we've offered a free Animator Pro subscription to EVERYONE who signed up before this transition. Our team is working to track down the bug that caused your crash; we're having trouble reproducing it — it may be related to you having a very old account. If you could share more details (see DM) that would help us out a ton.
A year ago, our team released Haiku for Mac in beta. At the time, we wanted Haiku to be a bit of everything — animation tool, UI builder, "the missing link between design and code." Through a year of user feedback and steady improvements, we've discovered that what users loved most about Haiku was its animation capabilities. It turns out "visual animations that ship to production" were a big unmet need! So Haiku is now Haiku Animator. Animate your Figma, Sketch, or Illustrator files with our powerful timeline. Add your animations to any iOS, Android, React, Angular, or Vue app. Stay connected between motion design & code like never before with our version-controlled Publish workflow. Animator represents a year of dedication and progress from our team — anyone who checked it out before, we invite you to check it out again. And new users, welcome! We hope you love using Haiku Animator to create cross-platform UI animations.
@zackaboo I just opened the Haiku for mac (beta tester), it auto updated. Now it refuses to open. Is the beta killed to make space for paid version?
@43_mins That's definitely not intentional! Our team is looking into it right now. I recommend trying a fresh install (I'll message you a direct link + another troubleshooting option.)
@zackaboo Thanks for the update - Now, cant even open it so not sure how to send bug report. (I initially had the default mac bug screen, but i closed it without sending). Now not opening at all
@zackaboo Can you export to a png sprite or animated SVG? Looked like adding an animation requires loading in JS? How's it work when embedded on a website?
@mscccc you can export GIF or mp4. We use a PNG sequence internally to generate those, so it wouldn't be too crazy to expose that as a feature. [filed for discussion] Otherwise yes, the animations require JS to run on the web, or swift/ObjC/Java/Kotlin to run on iOS/Android. This is handled by the open source Animator Core dependency https://github.com/HaikuTeam/core for web and Lottie for iOS/Android. Note that Animator Core is the core rendering engine for Animator itself — there's no difference between 'design' and 'production' with Animator; every change is a 'live preview' because you're editing the underlying code.
look is so good
Great job!!😊
This is a well made project. Good job team