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#5 Product of the MonthMay 2014



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Wells Riley ✨MakerHiring@wr · ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Hey Geoffrey! 1: We chose a newsletter because we felt it was easier to reach out each week than expect people to come find us when new content became available. At the beginning, we were creating new lessons each week for the first year. People couldn't jump ahead as they can now. 2: No plans right now. That'd be cool dude, thanks for adding us :)
Geoffrey WegHunter@geoffreyweg · Betaworks, TechStars, White House
Hey @wr, thanks for hopping in! A couple questions: - Why did you guys to decide to go primarily with the newsletter approach as opposed to having just a static website to host the content (which I see you also have, although don't feature as prominently)? - Any plans for expanding into different verticals? p.s. Would love to add HackDesign to Happy Inbox!
Özgür Alaz@ozguralaz · Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet
@wr do you have plan to opensource hackdesign?
Geoffrey WegHunter@geoffreyweg · Betaworks, TechStars, White House
I love newsletters like these that teach a subject via a weekly email on a specific topic. Been really impressed by HackDesign's quality and thoroughness.
Wells Riley ✨MakerHiring@wr · ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
If you have any questions for me, @alexbaldwin, or @ianhirschfeld, post 'em here!