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Rick Nucci
Rick NucciMaker@ricknucci · CEO @ Guru
Guru’s mission is to be a layer of knowledge wherever your client-facing teams work. More than ever we need products that are native to our workflow, especially your reps whose productivity is dependant on their ingrained routines. Traditional knowledge portals like intranets or wiki’s crucially miss this point, which typically leads to low adoption of these initiatives. We started with a browser extension that allows one-click access to information that’s been verified as accurate by the subject matter experts on your team. We then built out our integrations with your CRM or ticketing tool to surface relevant knowledge and content to your reps without them needing to search for it. Now, as messaging clients have increasingly become a destination where reps spend most of our working hours in, we built a Slackbot that is a natural extension of our mission. Some key highlights of our bot: - Conversations in your slack channels move fast, but valuable knowledge gets created in them. Use our bot to capture relevant knowledge that is created during organic slack conversations that can now be leveraged by your entire team. - Easily search for information stored in your knowledge base with our slash command and post it to a channel. - Receive Guru notifications (new comments, new questions, verification requests, etc) directly in Slack instead of email
Matthew R. Carey
Matthew R. CareyHiring@careymatthewr · Co-Founder and CEO, Blueprint Income
@ricknucci Great stuff. Congrats Rick and team.
Rick Nucci
Rick NucciMaker@ricknucci · CEO @ Guru
@careymatthewr thanks Matt!
Clark Valberg
Clark ValbergHiring@clarkvalberg · CEO at
We've been playing around with this for a while here at InVision - really great experience to have information so close at hand. Awesome work @ricknucci and team!
Rick Nucci
Rick NucciMaker@ricknucci · CEO @ Guru
@clarkvalberg thanks Clark your team has been awesome to work with!!
Ross Sheingold
Ross Sheingold@rosssheingold · Chief Innovation Officer @247LS
My company has been using Guru for the past few months. Rick's team at Guru is amazingly helpful during the onboarding process, and this tool is a must-have for any company trying to scale internal knowledge across a growing team. The Slack integration makes it even easier to get people to access and contribute to the tool!
Rick Nucci
Rick NucciMaker@ricknucci · CEO @ Guru
@rosssheingold thanks for the kind words!!
Robert Solomon
Robert Solomon@rsolo20 · CEO, Wisdom Business Advisors
Sounds great!
Connor Gallic
Connor Gallic@connor_gallic · Freelance
This is great!