Kinder dating for Valentine’s Day. Start real relationships.

Grove is a different kind of dating and relationship app. Many apps have turned dating into a popularity and looks only contest. We believe in a kinder way to date. Inspired by 'The Voice,' Grove highlights your bio and interest before showing photos. Grove's community features affordable local events and dating advice developed by researchers.

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Hi Product Hunt! Tai here from the Grove team. My team and I have been developing Grove for the past year through feedback from existing and first-time dating app users. We launched a small private beta last fall in San Francisco. Our private beta confirmed that millennials and Gen Z's were eager and open to meet through dating apps. Our members enjoyed how chatting was more conversational through things like smart icebreakers. What we also learned was where apps still fell short, including our original version. Members expressed concerns on how apps have turned dating into a purely looks contest and those who were new didn't know where to start with online dating. In other words, apps made dating feel unkind. We've designed Grove for this expansion to make online dating a kinder experience. Grove's available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Give it a try and I know you all will love it. If you have any questions or feedback, please share and I'll get back to them throughout today! Live kinder! 💚 Tai
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Ive been using this in the SF Area and looks like there are a lot of people here, not sure about other cities. The grove stories are gorgeous. Really cool app overall and good execution of a new concept.


I love the whole "swipe up to reveal". I actually got a match already and i think its the way they make your profile special for someone


They only give you 1 recommendation a day. This isnt the end of the world tho, i do perceive the "like back" rate is higher than other apps

Jessie here from Grove :) I built the visual design and user experience of the app, as well as reimagining the matching algorithm. My background is in machine learning, so feel free to ask me questions about data, matching, and how we're acting responsibly to develop a quality recommendation engine while respecting user privacy. The experience on Grove will be unlike any dating app you've tried, and I'd love to hear about what you think.
Super interesting! Not looking for a plus one at the moment but very cool idea!!
@brian_mazzacane Thanks for the positive words, Brian!

It's amazing


Not much


Since i have not used it soo much the only thing I can say is it is awesome

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