GoSquared & Slack

Traffic spikes and user notifications sent straight to Slack

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Eric Willis
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
This is yet another cool Slack integration. You can get notifications right in Slack when customers start using a new feature or get notified of a traffic spike. Seems really useful if you like to handle things in Slack instead of getting emails.
James Gill
James GillMakerHiring@jamesjgill · CEO, GoSquared
Hi everyone! James, one of the founders of GoSquared here. A new day a new Slack integration, I know. But we're particularly excited for this one – it's been making our lives easier for months internally. It's extremely powerful – you can get alerted about anything your users do instantly (like signups, new customers, cancellations, even feature usage). Happy to answer any questions – I'm here for ya!
Hugh Rawlinson
Hugh Rawlinson@hughrawlinson
This is a great slack integration, a really cool way to get a lot more visibility on important metrics.
Tom Richards
Tom Richards@thricha · Product Manager @ Facebook ex Intercom
Really nice touch and useful way of getting info out of your analytics. Smart bunch.
Jake@jakelprice · Web Developer
Awesome idea to push important information to Slack in as it happens - very easy to setup and get started as well!