GoSquared Inbox for iOS and Android is a free mobile app that enables you to chat with the visitors and customers on your website. It integrates with the GoSquared platform for converting visitors into customers.

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop a note here – we've been working on the iOS and Android apps for a long time and we're thrilled to get them out. Live Chat is all about making it easy to talk to your visitors and customers – on your website, in your web app, and in your native iOS app too. The apps we've just released are built with React Native – we've tried to build a great experience on both iOS and Android, while also ensuring we can push new features and functionality in tandem with our Inbox web app too. Very happy to answer any questions people have, and we hope you enjoy using the apps!
The beta for Inbox worked excellently. Congrats to @jamesjgill and the team for making this live, and thanks for helping us speak to our customers, wherever we may be.
@stevenjmesser Steve, you're a legend. Thank you so much for your support and feedback so far – it's hugely appreciated over here!
How does this differ from Intercom?
@chrismessina Hi Chris! GoSquared's background is actually in analytics, so shows you what's happening with your website visitors as well as app users. Aside from having a complete web analytics platform deeply integrated, GoSquared automatically shows you the full browsing sessions of all visitors making it easy to hop in on live chat and help people as needed – even before they've become a user. I strongly believe products are always more than just a checklist of features, so would love to hear your feedback if you do try it out – there's tons of differences once you're using it :-)
@jamesjgill very cool — that's a useful differentiation, thanks!
Can't believe I am just now finding out about this awesome product! Implemented it on www.boxey.co recommending to a friend now. You guys need help with marketing? this can give intercom a run for their money!
@khaliphj thanks for the kind words, Khalif! We've certainly been quietly working away on this, and have a lot more to share soon. Would love to chat further, and thanks so much for signing up!
This is another great feature added to this nice tool. Thank you! Do you know, you can implement GoSquared without any single line of code? Check this ---> https://weelytics.com
@mhlassoued Cheers Med! Ah cool – anything to make it easier to install tools like GoSquared makes everyone's lives easier :D