View animated GIFs in Google Image search (finally!)

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I'm surprised Google doesn't animate GIFs when searching for images of Jeff Goldblum: h/t Lifehacker's @lordravenscraft for this find
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@rrhoover Seems like they, uhhhh, found a way. This is nice for me, since I've turned to a lot of custom .gif search sites to fill this gap, but its nice to be able to turn to just a google search.
useful tip: you can specify filetype:gif for better results
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This is great. I found it two days ago, and helps my to save a lot of time, as I use to find a lot of GIFs for social media accounts. Great work, thanks a lot!
@maurosicard How does this work? Trying to search and share some gif but haven't been able to get it done.
I'm confused as to what this does. Does it make every image search a search for animated gifs, to save you the extra click? Do you activate that somehow, or is all-gifs-all-the-time? I assume Google only animates expanded gifs for accessibility reasons (slow connections, browser stability/memory usage). Makes sense for this to be an extension though
@staringispolite It animates GIFs in all Google Images search results (regardless of if you've filtered to animated).
@danlev @staringispolite Oh I see. So it doesn't change the search at all, BUT if your results contain gifs, those gifs will animate without expanding.
Step it up Google!