Google Pay

A streamlined Google payments solution

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2018

Google Pay is a steamlined payments processing platform for businesses and consumers from Google, including Android Pay and Google Wallet.

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It just wouldn't be Google if they didn't make three redundant versions of the same product before attempting to undo the confusion later on by pulling those three ideas into one branded idea. But hey, at least is as cohesive as Apple Pay now - just took many years and three different attempts to get there lol. (Google Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet)
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@hayden_evans Well sadly they had it right with Google Wallet, it did everything Apple Pay did 3 years before Apple Pay was announced. Then they split it into two apps for some reason (who knows why), but together they always were feature-rich.
@werewookiee someday i'll write a book ;)
@hayden_evans You're forgetting Google Tez which is still alive and well in developing countries...gotta keep the fractured ecosystems
@hayden_evans @bleachedsleet Tez is solely for only India. Nowhere else. And it's included in the Google Pay consolidation.
I believe Google Pay would turn out to offer the best payment experience. I only hope they'll be extending this service, in its entirety, to Nigeria and other African countries.
@patrick_udeh How about we building our own. Instead of waiting for Google to come do it for us ?
@patrick_udeh @ekambos I think we should.
@ekambos @khaliphj While I admire the spirit, I'd like to confirm that you wish to build a highly-secured system that processes all manners of transactions, including online card payments, peer-to-peer payments, and NFC-based payments and is available globally at little or no cost to most users. It's an achievable but very tall dream.
@patrick_udeh You can always start with one functionality at a time, implement more functionalitues as you go and focused on the Nigeria market. The potential is definitely there.
@khaliphj and Google or Apple will buy it. Anyway it would be great.
Apple: “There’s an app for that” Google: “We made like 4-5 apps for that”
So how is this different in any way from Android Pay?
@beenjamemes They might make it available on iOS
@beenjamemes @nickwanninger Apple locked their NFC chip to working with only Apple Pay. They can't bring it over because Apple won't allow it. And Ben, this is different because it brings person to person payments like Google Wallet had and contact-payment like Android Pay.
@werewookiee “Apple locked their NFC chip to working with only Apple Pay” Technically no longer true:
@hayden_evans Still read-only via NFC, afaik companies can't use custom NFC payment solutions on iOS
I only hope Google will not wait for so many more years before, they make Google Pay available to the majority of their customers out of America and Europe. Sometimes, I am tempted to believe they are afraid of the world outside those two continents.