Google Hotel Search

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Whether you’re planning a trip within a certain budget or you’re looking for a hotel that fulfills all your needs, Google Hotels will make travel planning easy.
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The big news here, besides the new, focused, Airbnb-esque hotel search is that Google has now rolled out historical price insights for all most trips. To help you find the right hotel for your trip, apply our new “Deals” filter. This filter uses machine learning to highlight hotels where one or more of our partners offer rates that are significantly lower than the usual price for that hotel or similar hotels nearby.
Could be a game changer. Immediately found a lot more viable options for a trip to Barcelona I'm going on next month than SkyScanner was able to return.
Google is killing diversity of the internet.

I’m glad there in the game on one end, on the other it’s just another data grab.


Google doing hotel searches


Google doing hotel searches.

Am I missing something or is it not possible to filter by hotel chains / superchains? Makes it less useful for anyone who travels somewhat regularly and cares about status.
@petermccall You are right. Looks they added a brand filter more recently: