Google Fi

Wireless phone plan designed w/ the latest Google tech

Google Fi is a wireless phone plan designed with the latest Google technology. With Fi, you get unlimited calls & texts in the US for one low monthly price. Data is $10/GB in the US and over 170+ destinations abroad, then free after a set GB amount depending on the number of people on your plan. Fi comes with free 24/7 support and no contracts.

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Is data always that expensive in the US? $10 per GB up to 6GB (so $60 + $20 for calls and texts) up to 15GB where it slows. I pay €20 in Ireland for 20GB data per month with some calls/texts that I don't use.
@sammcallister Yes it is. You only get a decent deal here if you have 3 or 4 phones on the same plan. Plans for individuals are always expensive.
Google Fi has saved me thousands of dollars on international roaming + data + calls while traveling around the word. ➡️LTE - I've been able to get fast LTE speeds all over the world from Sofia to Singapore to San Francisco. ➡️Free Data Sims - Fi offers addition data sim cards at no extra cost (perfect for hotspots, iPads or laptops w/sim slot). I keep 2-3 of these on hand and they are great to share with friends that are traveling with me. ➡️Now works with iPhones - this is a big deal ✅Save $20 when you signup w/my link
Been thinking of using this for my iPhone... still not sure it's worth it unless I was constantly travelling.
@bentossell If you travel a few times a year it can still work out in your favor. Fi supports pausing your account for up to 3 months at a time (or longer if you call/chat them).

I've been using Google Fi for almost 2 years, the service is awesome. I came back China last year for a month, I was supried to be able use any google services, facebook, twitter or IG without VPN in my phone! (BTW, Save $20 when you signup with my link


The service is awesome



Love this (previously called Project Fi) and have been using it for >1.5 years. I travel interantionally a lot, so while the data plan might not be the cheapest for US only, it's extremly convenient and (also cheaper) if you travel internationally often. Plus, the user experience is unmatched by other US carriers. Really happy to see that it's now also compatible with other phones than Google/Nexus.