Google Duo

One-to-one video calling. Google's FaceTime competitor.

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How many Google chat apps can we have? The Verge Wrote about this here
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@gabriel__lewis Waiting for a clear "messaging" strategy from Google...
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@gabriel__lewis Its a clean, mobile-first, mobile-only app. It's obvious how much Google prioritized and optimized for mobile. That's a good thing. But, their strategy in social and comms has always been complex for mainstream users to navigate. I wish they had done what FB did with Insta stories. Why build a standalone competitive app when you can rebrand and redesign an existing app (ie. Hangouts)? Reliance on phone numbers for contacts is a smart hook but I'm surprised they didn't make it a default, pre-installed app in Android for distribution and adoption. It feels to me that this is not only a move to have Apple users use Google stuff on iPhones but also giving Android users one less reason to jump ships. In this regard, it's thinking is similar to Insta/FB. If you can't win back folks, just prevent users you have from jumping ships.
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@gabriel__lewis agreed...not sure I see the opportunity/strategy here
@monst3rtruck @gabriel__lewis you have to thing longterm. This is not for the early adopters who move from shiny object to shiny object. It's for the masses. The majority of whom are Android users outside of USA. Inside it's 50/50
@sarthakgh @gabriel__lewis Agree! First q I had was, how is this different from Hangouts?? I was a huge advocate for the Google Nexus 5 for years (before I switched to iPhone) but this isn't convincing to me.
Kinda funny that I've seen all the articles that say Duo has been released but when I go to the play store to download it, just says to register to be notified when it is ready to download link.
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@ejameswill I thought I was the only one who didn't get it :)
@ejameswill I was able to download it today (8.16)
@onedurr I was able to download it an hour ago.
@ejameswill I'm in Canada and I get the same thing... usually
Rollout has just started. Look for it to become available in Play/App Store for all US users Tuesday. Worldwide soon after.
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NYTimes review (they like it!)
Anyone knows when Allo will be released?
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"Let's Duo" just doesn't have the same ring to it. ;\
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@dannyfiorentini Sounds pretty good to me!