Google Business Review Direct Link Generator

Make it easier for people to leave a Google Business Review.

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Don't you hate it when you get a great review with 0 🌟. Now with this tool you can generate a Google business review link with pre-filled 5 🌟. ( Of course customers can change it before publishing ) The old method was asking customers to Google your business and then getting then to click on the "Write a Review" button in the knowledge graph panel on the right side of the listing. We developed this tool to help clients generate a direct link that they can share with their customers. You can generate a direct link and add it to your thank-you email that you send to your customers OR set up a /review page on your domain where your customers can go to leave a review. Eg: PS: it's totally free to use. ---- Thanks for hunting it @riaface, you are the best. πŸ€œπŸ€›
@saijo_george is it possible to get "embed code"?
@ukiran_2 hi Uday, not sure what embed code you are referring to :(
does this work for US based businesses, like the idea
helpful little tool. thanks. sent this to a few of my friends who are trying to get more google reviews :)
I do like the app. Marketers are starting to game the Google Business Snippets, this tool makes it even easier.
@dredurr This does not offer any ways to game the system, but makes it easy to generate a direct link to a business' google review interface.
@saijo_george the modal is not showing on Safari
@maxperry can you let me know what device and also try on incognito . It worked fine when we tried it out.
Safari on Mac no incognito, Chrome works instead.