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Some have asked why we built Index and give it away publicly. Many large VCs do this analysis but consider this type of data proprietary and share it with only their portfolio companies. Two of Goodwater's core values are TRANSPARENCY and SERVICE. We think of both Thesis ( and Index ( as opportunities to serve entrepreneurs around the world and bring transparency to things that are otherwise hard to understand in our startup market. For example, the Snapchat Thesis report helped many entrepreneurs understand how their companies would ultimately be viewed by Wall Street, so they can prepare for this as they mature their businesses. And Index is a great product that provides the kind of objective, data-driven advice that you would get from a good VC board member. Eric and I have been investing for over 25 years combined and we know that not every startup has access to good advice, so we are providing it for free online to anyone who wants to learn more.
Hi PH! Thanks for checking out Goodwater Index. We built this product to help entrepreneurs understand the fundraising environment. It can be very opaque, but most startups depend on VC funding to fuel their vision and teams. So we hope to bring some transparency and understanding to VC sentiment and the factors that drive the VC funding market. Here's a blog post that explains more of why we built Index and how we did it. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for new features! we want to make Index as helpful as possible to entrepreneurs around the world. Email if you have suggestions or want to help add data. Thanks!
@chchien clean, crisp, and easy to read. I will definitely be using this (and recommending it), as I get a final deck together to send into @goodwatercap ;)
Thanks for putting this together, this will be really helpful for me and fellow entrepreneurs!
THIS is value add. Thank you for choosing transparency. Great visualization too!