Secure, short URL go/links, only accessible by your team.

GoLinks enables your employees to get to frequently used websites faster by replacing long URLs with easy-to-remember go links. Go links belong to you and your organization. Those without access rights cannot view or use them.

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Hi Product Hunt! The team is excited for you guys to meet GoLinks.io! We’ve been working really hard on the product to make sure GoLinks.io is enterprise-ready and feature stacked. Hopefully, you’ll agree that our platform is the best go/link solution out there that is super easy to get started on and use. With our SaaS based platform, you’ll be able to use go/links without the need for any network configuration. This means that small, medium, and distributed teams can leverage go/links without ever having to VPN in (a common problem with most internal go/link systems). Besides regular go/link naming, our system also supports appending/pasthrough, and multivariable go/links with parameters. Powerful features that allow you to quickly dive deep into your daily used URLs with a simple GoLink like go/jira/issue104 or go/slack/support We also offer powerful browser extensions that have one click go/link creation without ever having to leave the page you’re on. Browser omnibox autocomplete allows you to quickly search your team’s go/links, making sure your go/links are always at your fingertips. Love to know what you guys think of the platform. We’re constantly iterating on the product and want to make sure no one will ever have to build another internal solution again :)
This is awesome! Google and a few other companies have their own custom solutions but it is much needed for everyone else. Kudos to the team on what looks like a slick and super useful product!
@ziggym0 I was thinking the same. We've got this at Google but it's much needed for most.
@ziggym0 @ehh Thanks guys! What has been happening is people leave those companies and try to build one internally at their next to fit the bill. We're trying to help with that with an enterprise-grade, SaaS version that is super easy to get started on with just your company email. We also fix some of the issues and add powerful features that most companies currently don't have available with their internal solutions. For instance, being able to access your go/links without having to VPN, feature-rich browser extensions that leverage one-click go/link creation, Omnibox autocomplete support.
I love this idea. How is authentication handled. Is it through a browser extension and mobile apps?
@larrykokoszka Hi Larry, great question. We have different kinds of authentication schemes to suit various needs.

I have numerous staff who are not computer savvy and this makes life easier for them at work when they need to find important documents


Fast and Easy


Not well Known by the world (yet)

We use golinks to keep track of long, hard to remember links like google docs.


I really like being able to see and change my teammates' links (very useful when someone leaves or goes on a holiday)


minor, but I wish that short links could be shared externally.