Golden Kitty Awards 2017

A celebration of products, makers & PH community members πŸ†πŸ˜»

The 3rd Annual Golden Kitty Awards are here! Check out the complete list and upvote your favorites. πŸ†πŸ˜½

Voting closes on Sunday January 28th at 12pm PST. At that time, the product with the most upvotes in each of the categories will be crowned the winner.

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This was fun to put together. A few weeks ago we asked the community for their nominations. We used this and the data collected about each product in 2017 to compile the final list. Go forth and upvote your picks. 😊 Re: maker and community member of the year, this list was data-driven by tallying up each person's contributions for the year (e.g. upvotes received for their comments, upvote streaks, helpfulness in Ask PH, and more). BIG shout out to one of our newest teammates, @rahulmfg, for putting together this Golden Kitty landing page last minute. Unfortunately we didn't have time to add the "meowing" feature. Next year. πŸ”Š
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@rrhoover it seems like the get it button does not work i get a 503 error
@rrhoover Wow, super-excited to see under Dev tools of 2017 😻 πŸŽ‰
@chocksy we had a short outage. Should work now!
@rahulmfg @rrhoover This is awesome, man! Kind of a look back at the best stuff of the year but also letting people vote again, at a time when the hype has maybe gone down. Gonna keep creating stuff, hopefully, I make it to next year's golden kitties!
@rahulmfg @rrhoover meowing" feature - this is hilarious πŸ˜‚, could you tell us more what is it?
The Golden Kitty Awards are here! A celebration of products, makers, and community members. This year we have 14 product categories, many of which have been expanded to better reflect what the community is working on (design products, tools for developers), and highlight products related to 2017's top tech trends (AR, Crypto). Excited for the dedicated landing page we have this year (nice work (@rahulmfg) which makes it easy to see all the categories/nominees in one place. Voting starts today, and ends Sunday January 28th at 12pm PST. The product with the most upvotes in each of the categories will be the winner then. I hope to see Elon Musk win a third Golden Kitty, at some point he will have to address them them/accept his award in person.
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Super pumped for the upgraded voting landing page experience! Great work, Rahul! Also, nice to see some Boston makers in the running–Really Good UX and Culture Codes were the #1 and #2 hunts from Boston last year. Side projects FTW πŸŽ‰
Honored to be nominated again. Good luck everyone!
I'm really happy to be nominated along with a lot of really talented people! As much as Product Hunt focuses on big startups too, I think we forget how big its role is in pushing the revolution of makers: where a person can get an idea, throw a basic app together, put it on here, get users, grow it and build an income from their product. That's life changing for many! It is for me :) Thank you PH!