Leapsome now provides a simple solution to manage your individual, team and company goals and OKRs. It tightly integrates with Leapsome’s existing feedback module, allowing you to comment or request feedback on any goal.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

Obviously a bit biased here :) But we use our tool internally to align on goals and it really helps us to work better together as a team.


Lightweight UI, ability to give / request feedback on any goal, goal tree visualization, Slack & Gmail integration


Can't find any ;)

Hi Product Hunt! I’m Kajetan, one of the co-founders here at Leapsome. We’re very excited to officially launch our goal and OKR tracking module for fast-growing companies out of beta today. You can create individual, team and company goals / OKRs and link them to create a neat goal tree. The module tightly integrates with our existing feedback module (https://www.leapsome.com/en/prod...), allowing you to comment or request feedback on goals, thereby making goal management an ongoing, engaging conversation. Check it out at https://www.leapsome.com/en/prod... - we’re here to answer your questions and are happy to open a demo account for you! Kajetan PS: Since this question was asked a couple of times. We have a free trial, pricing thereafter is 8 USD per user and month. And we have a special PH discount: 25% on annual billing :)
@kajetan_armansperg would love to learn more. Wish you guys had more detail about the product or the ability to trial for free and see what its about/how it works. Any way to do this?
@mwtbrowser Yes, there's a free trial - just submit a demo request on the website (or ping me with your email here) and we'll open an account for you!
@kajetan_armansperg can you set me up with a free trial? hello@kennedyrobinsonpr.com? I was on the website looking for pricing and I can see above it would be within my budget. Would love to try first
@nikenn sorry about the late reply - just set up a demo account for you :) Looking forward to your feedback!