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Love the background remover! Definitely a feature missing from Canva.
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@lachlankirkwood it's such an awesome feature! Very smooth🥳
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@lachlankirkwood Yeah, it's really nice to have.
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@lachlankirkwood @topdawgcausting the way you juat glide your cursos over is amazing. You know those videos that sometimes you see and they are oddly satisfying? Itsone of those haha.
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I came across Omar and Glorify in a Facebook group a while ago. Since then I knew that Omar and everyone on the team were up to something big with Glorify, and when I say big I mean BIG. Please take a minute to go through the website and see how much value this is going to bring to the many e-commerce entrepreneurs whether they are just getting started or are vetted in the space. Glorify is going to shake things up in a big way and I'm grateful to have come across and become part of such a wonderful team of individuals behind Glorify. Currently, to celebrate our launch we are offering a limited LTD which goes for $97-lifetime access (Ends October 31st, go to the site to checkout the current offer), that includes access to all features + future upgrades. After that, the pricing will be monthly recurring, so if you get in now as an early adopter you'll save a lot.
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@luis_camacho can we perform mockups on this?
hey @adil_moosa! Thank you for reaching out. Will be able to, please take a look at the roadmap here for all future updates!
This is so sick, so excited to test drive it
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@neel_sarode1 excited for you to give it a try! Would love to hear your feedback on Glorify Neel!🤜🤛
Looks great. Kinda makes me wish I had a physical product to sell.
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@mickc79 haha 100%! If you have any info products it could come in handy also as well as for ads of many sorts.
Wow, amazing! I'm definitely interested. Is it possible that I get a demo account before going ahead and taking advantage of the deal you have going on?
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Hey @bryanherediax! There are currently no demo accounts, however there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not like the product. I can assure you will absolutely love it however, but if not you can always get a refund. Hope that helps🙏
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@luis_camacho Say less Luis, I'll give this a go!
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