Genius Fact Tracks

Get the facts behind the tracks! Genius + Spotify = 💃

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For this integration we stripped Genius down to its essence with a new product we call the Fact Track. It’s like a soundtrack… but with more facts! Also, it sounds like “FAQ Track,” which makes sense because it answers all your FAQs about a song. Fact Tracks play along with the music, which limits the amount of information we can show, but also allows us to give you the facts unfiltered and straight into your soul windows. No tapping, no clicking, just LEAN BACK.. AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!!
@dumbnamenumbers This is pretty awesome. Is the ultimate goal to have Fact Tracks accompany every song? Also, what balance between verified artists vs community annotations do you think will be ideal?
Easiest way to check this out: 1. Open Spotify on iOS 2. Play a song like Hello, Adele 3. Swipe down on the album art
@ehmorris well done. Is this only available on mobile? When/will it come to the desktop app (that's where I do most my Spotify listening).
@rrhoover BOOM: (button is under the video thumbnail)
@ehmorris ooh, yeah! Thanks, Edwin.
@ehmorris Any eta for Android?
Just discovered it this morning using spotify as usual, awesome feature/featuring ;) !