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With 4 Million monthly views, @Genius launched their API today. The goal being to incentivize developers to build apps using the millions of annotations, songs, and basically every page on the internet. News: Well done @dumbnamenumbers and team.
Can't quite tell but it seems like a relatively hard api to integrate in. I just see a lot of text highlighting logic that will be complex for you to get any value out of integrating this. Might not be thinking about this right though.
This is great. I had the opportunity to meet Tom and several members of the Genius team on a recent trip to nyc. Super chill yet extremely intelligent. The Genius + Instapaper integration is an awesome idea. I share a similar slightly awkward workflow problem now where: I read an article in Pocket, alongside the original copy in another tab to make Genius annotations. It could also be a nice addition to top highlights in Kindle books. Can't wait to see how devs make use of this. Btw the integrated demo console in the API docs is really, really nice. I wish every API docs had one this good.