Geekout with Matt Navarra

A NEW podcast exploring the world of social media

Introducing Geekout with Matt Navarra.
Matt Navarra and Martin SFP Bryant chat to the people building your favourite social media apps, opinionated journalists, and even headstrong politicians who are shaping the future of tech.
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So excited for this podcast, been following Matt for years and it's really cool to see him collaborate with big names in social media and drop a lot of wisdom 💯☝️
@amrith Thanks man! I really hope people like it. I would welcome any feedback. ❤️
@amrith @mattnavarra looking forward to seeing your new show as we prep the launch for @Take1Design soon!
I think this is something every social media manager but also marketing manager should subscribe to. It is the kind of podcast it needs in the industry. Good job Matt!
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@katairobi Thanks Robert! :)
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I've been following Matt and Martin's work for the past 8 years or so, so excited to see what they come up with in this podcast. Love the pun at the end (I've been wondering the same Martin!). Good luck guys.
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@wilhempujar1 Haha, which pun?
So excited to have a new go-to Pod. Pretty sure you know my thoughts @mattnavarra But again, love the start! Expect to see some great and much needed open debate, from informed social media experts like yourself as well as the community of users in which they aim to empower, and at times have fell quite short. Not here to voice my opinions but i think this is a really crucial period for the social media industry and big tech as a whole with potentially uncharted waters ahead. Users are demanding there privacy and I think the best thing we could all use is honesty and information.. Two things I know listeners will be able to count on from Matt . Totally could be something you choose to not cover as much in the Podcast but I sure would like some insight into the changes we should expect and what that looks like for business and personal use. Really awesome 1sr episode and can't wait for more content.
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@bmweinstein Thanks for your comments and feedback! Really pleased you liked what we created. Stay tuned for more great special guests. Next week: @kerrymflynn (CNN)
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