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Are you part of an early-stage startups who is eager to raise the first and most important round of investment for the growth and scaling of company? Join Fundy to access a list of more than 10,000 investors who can help raise your seed funding round.
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Hey Product Hunters! I recently launched the first public version of Fundy, so I want to share some thoughts and ideas with you. Fundy - great for startup founders at an early stage, who have to spend a lot of their personal time and money on finding a suitable investor. Fortunately, Fundy is here to help with this. Just a couple of clicks separates you from contacts with the right people. Fundylist is a huge database of investors, which has more than 10,000+ contacts, which are categorized. This list of investors includes Venture Companies, Cryptocurrency Funds, Business Angels and Other persons who make high-level decisions. In addition, each category is divided into filters and sortings by Region, Country, Profiles in LinkedIn and other 🙂 Visit our website to find out more about what Fundy offers. And here is our special offer for all Product Hunters. 🎁 You can get a 20% discount on all rate plans for a promotional code/coupon! 20% Discount Coupon Name: PHFund (Just drive it into the appropriate window when paying for any plans) The coupon is valid until 01/01/2019 inclusive. Waiting for your feedback and questions.
@sicdesign Fundy looks great Ivan, congrats on your PH launch! How about an interview about it at (it's your target audience I believe)? Send me an email to Paul(at) if interested!
It's services like this that keep bridging the gap between garage projects and the equity markets which can only mean more activity in the entrepreneurial world. I know I would've loved to have access to something like this a few years ago!
How does this compare to Investor Scout’s database of 50k angel investors and VCs (
@juhaszhenderson Fundy compares favorably with InventorScout in that paid plans are more affordable, we also offer not a subscription, but a one-time payment. This means that the database will stay with you forever, use it when you need it.
This app looks very useful for startups! You basically have all in one place, right? How often do you guys update it?
Your service worth signup.