Bringing creator & fans closer together. Fundabit merges recurring-patronage & crypto. Independent creators own their smart contract and thus their audience. It handles the P2P payments and allows for automatic monthly subscriptions from the user's own wallet.
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In order to use the platform, you need to install MetaMask in the browser. This is very inconvenient and makes a stumbling block for mass implementation.
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@kiku_reise You are right but the way we see it is; with crypto-apps there is always the tradeoff between control and UX. We might add alternatives in the future but for now we feel much more comfortable with the users being in control of their funds/wallets. Especially with regards to the number of cases where dApps hosted wallets and got hacked.
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@kiku_reise While true (honestly, I agree), it seems like MetaMask is widely enough used by the primary demographic of Fundabit that this won't be a serious barrier to entry. I'd like to see how Fundabit achieves additional adoption of MetaMask, though
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There are also other alternatives as well. With even Safari users can join the fun. We are evaluating other options as well. Yet, I believe that time will take care of most inconveniences @kiku_reise @chris_germano
This is very exciting! We are so proud that Fundabit has reached this stage and hope that you are going to love it. We truly believe that this is an important step towards Web 3.0 and creator independence. Subscriptions and recurring donations are essential for the livelihood of many creators today. Yet, the de-financing and de-platforming practices of YouTube, Patreon, PayPal or Visa have revealed the high level of platform dependency. Blockchain & cryptocurrency are invaluable in ensuring creative freedom and bringing creators and fans closer together. πŸŽ‰ Special PH Promo πŸŽ‰ We pay for your smart contract! The first 100 creators that start a project on Fundabit don’t need to pay the 50ct transaction fee. All you need is the MetaMask plug-in or any other Web3 browser. No cryptocurrency needed.
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Nice work Tobi!
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@david_craige Thanks David! It means a lot.
Just tried the product. Super simple and easy ~
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@peterdennispan Great to have you and the Wizard of Dapps Podcast on Fundabit πŸ‘
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Not sure what a reasonable service fee for such a platform is but 5% seems a little high doesn't it?
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On first glance it may seem like a lot but when compared to Web2 platforms that typically charge 10-30%, we believe it's actually quite reasonable. @phil_velseck
@schoby Well, that would be a pretty good discount then.