Front (now mobile)

Take out the pain of shared email accounts

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Front (desktop web) was well-received several months ago on Product Hunt. @collinmathilde - the email space is super competitive. How are you standing out and acquiring new customers?
Mathilde Collin
@collinmathilde · CEO, Frontapp
The first version of our mobile app is live! Web based for the moment - native in a few months :) I'd be very happy to have your feedback.
Liam Gooding
@liamgooding · CEO, Trak.io
Can't wait to see what this looks like native! Awesome work
Shriya Nevatia
@shriyanevatia · Student @ Rithm School
This is great! Setting it up for my dance team now. One question about the sign-up process-- it was unclear at some stages if I should sign up with my personal email or with the group/team email. I figured it out now but maybe include a simple one-line instruction each time the user is typing someone's name and email so that it's clearer!
Kyle Bragger
@kylebragger · made Exposure, Forrst, Tinyproj
We made the switch at Exposure ~1 week ago and are pretty jazzed. One of the few products I've been especially impressed with recently.