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Front (desktop web) was well-received several months ago on Product Hunt. @collinmathilde - the email space is super competitive. How are you standing out and acquiring new customers?
@rrhoover You're right. By making a collaborative email client we try to innovate in the email space, but for companies. This space is not too crowded yet... but we'll need to be fast!
The first version of our mobile app is live! Web based for the moment - native in a few months :) I'd be very happy to have your feedback.
Can't wait to see what this looks like native! Awesome work
@liamgooding thanks Liam! :) We can't wait to have you on board.
This is great! Setting it up for my dance team now. One question about the sign-up process-- it was unclear at some stages if I should sign up with my personal email or with the group/team email. I figured it out now but maybe include a simple one-line instruction each time the user is typing someone's name and email so that it's clearer!
@shriyanevatia you're right, it's not clear enough. We'll improve that in the next days! Thanks a lot :)
We made the switch at Exposure ~1 week ago and are pretty jazzed. One of the few products I've been especially impressed with recently.
@kylebragger Thanks Kyle! Much appreciated.