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We’re still on our mission to change how companies communicate with the external world. Since Facebook has created new opportunities for businesses to interact with their customers, we’ve integrated it into Front! We’d love to get feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions that you have! Thank you :)
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@collinmathilde Looks great Mathilde, best of luck!
@collinmathilde We have been using front for a while. I like this Facebook integration a lot
This is great and I can't wait to use it. Great job team Front! I am a strong believer in Facebook for business so this makes a lot of sense to me. Question : do we have some kind of data on consumers' willingness to use Facebook for communications with businesses and customer support? Or a sense of what is actually going on there? I suspect it will grow tremendously but I am wondering that the demand looks like right now.
Perfect feature, our emails are so much better handled with Front but I was really looking forward to a Facebook integration (didn't even know it was coming!). Facebook is such a nightmare to handle, I have employees that don't want to log with their personal account, others have the Facebook Pages app to be notified about new messages, but we never knew if it was handled or not by others, especially when messages arrived in the weekend, and on Monday it was forgotten.
Front is amazing. Love the product, the team, ... and the Trello board! https://trello.com/b/kZsVVrc8/fr...
My team and I started using Front over the weekend and it has been a game changer. Helping save time, and making it easy to communicate with our users. I mean for real! The Twilio integration 👍🏾