Front Chat

The simplest way for teams to manage website chat

Front Chat brings live chat into your inbox. Messages sync instantly between your website and Front, so your team can respond faster to website chats without switching tools. Use the same workflows for live chat that you use for your other channels in Front, where getting help from a teammate is as simple as @mentioning them.

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Hey everyone! I’m the CEO and co-founder of Front. I’m excited to share our new Front Chat with the Product Hunt community today! Front Chat enables teams to collaborate on chat messages and save time by centralizing all their customer messaging workflows in Front. With website chat powered by Front, it’s easy for teams to manage chats in a shared inbox and reply faster with all the information they need. I hope you like it, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback :)
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@collinmathilde, great work! 😊
@collinmathilde congrats on the launch! Just added “build a second awesome Front integration” to our roadmap ✌️
@collinmathilde This is really cool. I will give it a try. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
I signed up on Front years ago. The team is awesome & the app is crazy good. Always enjoy sending emails with it. I will give a try to Front chat without thinking about it twice. Congrats @collinmathilde and team for your work!
Nice move :) So Front is now more that just an inbox, it starts to offer directly communication channels! Is there an API available to identify users? Especially for use cases like in-app chat and customer support where the chat is triggered post-authentication to avoid having to ask to known users who they are and offer a friction-less experience.
@benj_malartic Thanks, Benjamin! Right now, Front Chat prompts for the user's email address after the conversation has started. Supporting authenticated and in-app chat is on the roadmap for early next year!
@collinmathilde Good to know that's already in the roadmap! Is there any basic triggers to initiate conversations with visitors based on their session duration, number of page views, etc..?
@benj_malartic Hey Benjamin, today you can set up a welcome message that will start a conversation with all your site visitors — offering specific triggering for more targeted messages is another item on our roadmap. We're prioritizing new features based on customer feedback on this first version of Front Chat, and that is certainly a popular request!
What's the value in Front vs Intercom or other similar products? I would think the inbox collaboration would be a pain to monitor.
@dnyflorian Good question! I’d say that Front is more focused on your entire team’s experience with all your communication tools. Every team (support, sales, eng, IT, etc.) can easily collaborate across live chat, emails, SMS, phone calls, and social in one place, so there’s no siloed info in a standalone app or support-only tool. You can manage Intercom messages along with our other integrated apps in Front, too. We think Front makes managing a shared inbox painless :) You can automatically assign message owners to only see messages across all your channels (chat, email, social, etc.) that are important for you, so less context switching and distractions. And teammates work faster and get input by directly commenting and @mentioning each other on messages in Front instead of a separate chat/thread.