Front 1.0

Collaborate on customer email and more as a team

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 28, 2014

We launched Front in 2014 and have been working hard ever since to make teams more productive through collaborative email.

Check out the latest version of Front here!

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks @maximesalomon for submitting Front. It's an honor to be featured on producthunt :) I'm the CEO & Co-founder of @frontapp and i'd be happy to answer all your questions!
@collinmathilde Would be interested if you see an integration with @Zapier cc @wadefoster coming soon?
@BlendahTom yes, it's in our plans!
@collinmathilde Sweet as a devoted Zapier client.. It really makes switching to a new solution a non issue.
We're using Front @maptia and have been super impressed with both the product and their willingness to iterate and rapidly build new features. It's a real lifesaver for our personal gmail inboxes ;)
If you are one who believes in the startup team, then @collinmathilde & team fit the bill.
Yes! Tried literally a dozen of tools. This one is the best for email collabs. The only thing missing yet; when we used to work in Gmail we also used Hangouts to send messages within our team(s). So some kind of chat would be very, very useful!
A new way to deal with email as a team ! PS: @rrhoover, @collinmathilde is the Co-founder & CEO of @frontapp. I'm sure she will be happy to answer question from ProductHunters ;)