Freshping 2.0 by Freshworks

Dead simple website monitoring free forever πŸ₯³

Freshping is an all in one uptime monitoring tool with 50 checks at 1 minute interval from 10 global locations and 5 live public status pages for FREE.
Now, Freshping 2.0 comes with advanced capabilities like SSL Monitoring, Advanced Alerting and more.
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Hey Product Hunters! This is Meet from Freshping by Freshworks. Today, we are rolling out a major update to Freshping. Launching Freshping 2.0 πŸ”₯ πŸ‘‹ For those who don't know us, Freshping is all in one uptime monitoring suite. Freshping offers 50 checks at 1-minute interval, 10 Global locations, 5 Public status pages FREE FOREVER. πŸš€ We launched Freshping last year on Product Hunt, and now we serve more than 20,000+ business with 55,000+ monitors in FREE FOREVER plan. ✨ What new in Freshping 2.0? New Pricing plan (don't worry, our free forever plan will remain free forever) Real-time status badge Advanced Monitoring (String check & status code check) SSL Monitoring and Expiry alert Custom headers & basic Authentication Download detailed incident logs Advanced Alerting (Alert when only down for X mins) πŸ™ Thanks to the PH community folks like you to support our product. πŸ±β€πŸ Do try out Freshping and let us know in comments if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement. We are here to answer any of your questions you might have, even the craziest one :D. Happy Monitoring!
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@meetchopra Congratulations on the launch!!!
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@fajarsiddiq Thanks Fajar. You are the man!. Thanks for your support 😊
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I've been using Freshdesk for over 6 years. It's been great seeing you guys grow and continue to improve your product range. Having access to all the different products under 1 dashboard is great! It saves me hopping about between services from different providers. Congratulations on the launch of Freshping 2.0, I'll move my sites over now!
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@beesum Thanks a lot Ben. That means a lot and adds strength to our belief of creating Freshworks 360 - A suite to serve and wow your customers. We will be adding more in the future :-) Please try out the new features of Freshping 2.0 and let us know what you think. You can get a 21 day free trial and 'Freshping-PH' will get you a 20% discount in the paid plans.
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@meetchopra It's really easy to setup (especially if you are already using another one of your products). Super easy to use. I've setup monitoring on 10 sites and connected the notifications to slack in a few minutes. Great job. One suggestion for the slack integration. Would it be possible to "tag" the websites with a colour? This is so I can see the notifications for higher priority websites more easily in the notification list in slack.
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@beesum we have noted it, Ben. We will check the possibilities and get back to you. Thanks for the suggestion and keep the love flowing.
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Love this! As a startup company we haven't much to spend, however we need simple and adequate monitoring of our servers. This does just that and the custom monitor pages are a nice add-on.
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@samuel_dirksz thanks Samuel. Our vision behind the free forever plan is to give back to the startup community. We are happy to serve you. Let us know if you have any ideas to make it more useful.
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It's simple, beautiful, customizable. It's awesome!
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@wolfmaster328 Thanks Felipe. Do give Freshping 2.0 a try and let us know your suggestions
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It's simple and easy to use. It would be addon if you can show response time and down time information from different locations.
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@prasanna_kumar Noted Prasanna. I have shared your idea to the team. For the current work around you can add monitors for same URL with different locations. Thanks again for your suggestion. Really appreciate it.
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