Call center software for startups and small teams

Setting up your business call center using Freshcaller takes less than 2 minutes. Freshcaller requires zero investment in phone related hardware. All you need is a web browser and a working internet connection to launch your call center.

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Hello, PH community. I would like to thank @mikesitox for hunting us down and giving us an opportunity to have a conversation with all of you here. Freshcaller by Freshworks Inc., is a cloud based call center solution that can be set up in minutes. Our experience with building a phone system to support our customers led us to Freshcaller. Freshcaller is your business call center solution that grows along with you. Do try us out if you own a business and unsure of how to set-up a professional phone system or you want to switch from phones that keep you chained to your desks. Would love to answer your queries about our product. I am right here if you have questions!
should be very useful)
@yevgeniya_galich Thank you. All your love will boost our drive to make our product better. Do let us know if you need any help setting up Freshcaller.
Love the simplicity of this.
@nameshouts Thank you. We will try our best to keep it this way
We would like to seek valuable feedback from the PH community. You can reach to us here with your feedback/queries/requirements. We are giving a special 20% discount on our paid plans for your first year of Freshcaller to PH members. Please sign up for a free trial account using this link to help us give you the discount. // I was asked by a user about T&C of the discount offer. Hence appended additional information to make it less ambiguous. We will keep the discount on for all PH community signups till December 31st, 2017. Discount shall always be given by Freshcaller should a PH member seek it (even after 31st Dec)
@nikido Looks pretty interesting. Our current product gives us unlimited minutes though, the per-minute cost makes me a little apprehensive.
@nathanpalmer I understand. Our idea to charge per call stems from the fact that businesss rarely have same volume of calls every month. We did not want to charge a flat fee irrespective of whether you made/received calls during that month. I would request this - Do give us a try for a month and we will sit down and work out how to arrive at a good package for you depending on your call volume. I am sure we can build a great partnership.
Hm, what makes it different? Pricing? Also, your web site is blinking each time I navigate
@kuolldev I will check my web pages post our conversation. I will ensure it will not affect your browsing experience. Regarding the difference - Phones and call center software, in particular, have been around for ages. What we have tried to do, is build a software that you can use to launch a phone operation in minutes. Our IVR, greeting messages and call queue customizations are extensive yet simple to configure. You can check out our pricing here ( Please sign up for a free trial ( and we would gladly help you set-up your call center the way you like it.