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The smartest way to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Freeter collects all the things you need to work on projects in one easily accessible place, and enables you to switch between them like a super hero.
What makes this 'The smartest way'?
@bentossell Thank you for the question. With Freeter you just push Cmd+Shift+F (or Ctrl+Shift+F on Windows) and access all the things you need to work on your current project: open project files with editing tools, access your task manager, messenger, social media accounts, analytics, or any other web apps/services you use, execute command lines (such as "gulp watch"), navigate project directories, and so on.
Hey Product Hunt! Being a freelance developer I work on many projects at the same time. Having to always switch between them turns the workflow into a real mess. That's how I came to the idea to create a tool enabling to work on multiple projects with less pain.
The site's flow and design are fine, but after reading through several pages I'm still not entirely sure what Freeter is/does -- or who it's for. (Dashboard interface app with shortcuts to both local and online tools, automated scripts, bookmarks, etc? Sort of like + customizable widgets?) I'd encourage you to work on the presentation and descriptions a bit. (A video walkthough and a few use cases would go a long way.) And if it does what I think it does (which would be amazing), there are several other audiences that you should be looping in.
@tomcharde The logo also looks shockingly similar to Flipboard.
@tomcharde Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, 100% agree. A walkthrough and use cases are on the roadmap.
I'm a new user of Freeter, and think it is a really powerful tool for managing multiple projects and web-based tools. I provided some feedback on functionality I'd like to see, and hope Alex continues to release new features.
@ivanwwh Thank you!