Free Web Forms from Freshsales CRM helps teams easily create, customize, and embed Web Forms on their websites to start collecting lead information instantly.

Thanks for hunting us, Jack! Hi, I'm Sri, Product Head, Freshsales. I'm really excited to present Web Forms by Freshsales to the Product Hunt community. I'm an inbound marketing fan. And this got me thinking that with the advent of inbound marketing, websites are no longer limited to being mere informational portals, they’re a gateway to building long-lasting relationships. And a web form is one of the best ways to get input from website visitors. From contact forms to subscription forms, each one is an opportunity for visitors to reach out and hand you their information. Website sign-ups are the best source of hot leads. Imagine that your website is like a hallway. You wouldn't want to keep such leads waiting in the hallway, you would want them to walk up to you through the door. How would you that? That’s where Web Forms come in. Web Forms allows you to create, and customize forms according to your business and brand requirements and then embed them within your website or emails to capture high-intent leads. Details filled into these forms are automatically captured in your Freshsales CRM, all without a single line of code! It is literally as easy as that. Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Freshsales, and take Web Forms for a spin. We'd love to know what you think. If you have any questions for us, ask away!
@storcube Thanks for the info. How does your offer compare to Typeform or even Google Forms?
Hey @abadesi, that's a great question. While Typeform and Google forms are great to use, you still need to integrate them with your current CRM (or use a Zap). With Freshsales, it's all native. The moment the details are entered on the web form, you can see them within your CRM. You can also immediately assign the leads to the right contact/sales rep, set up intelligent sales campaign and qualify leads in minutes. Why pay for 5 tools, when you can have one tool to do all of that:)
Interesting. Does this work on Wordpress?
@crazyradical Yes. It will work on Wordpress as well. You just need to create the form and embed the code in the text format of the page.
Can we send a confirmation email when they submit the form?
@saravanamv Ofcourse! You can use workflows within the product to automatically send confirmation email to the lead/prospect. The lead from the webform will be available instantly for you in your Freshsales CRM.
@saravanamv @janani_dwarakanath And the best part is, it will land in the primary tab in the inbox (if you connect your inbox).
This is cool! Is there a limit on the number of form entries we could capture?
@dee_gee__ Thanks for the question! While there is a limit on the number of forms you can create depending on the plan you're using, there are no limits on the number of entries per form. Hope this helps.
Hey Sri. Does it take care of duplicate submissions?
Hey Raj. We have an option within the form to update existing records by overwriting values. You could check the option to prevent creating duplicate records.