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Free live chat and in-app messenger by HelpCrunch is a perfect solution for early-stage startups and small businesses that want to communicate better with their customers.

  • Dmytro Bilash
    Dmytro BilashCo-founder in CaptainGrowth

    Cool design! Visual appearance is always an issue with such tools, but they coped with it ;)


    Try to use a bit longer.

    I do like this product. It's easy to use, easy to set up and looks very nice. For me visual appearance is important and I'm totally satisfied. 10/10 ;)

    Dmytro Bilash has used this product for one week.
  • Denys Vorobyov
    Denys VorobyovCEO: Icemint Media, Eltex Software

    Fast, reliable, easy to use


    None found

    Great live chat solution, which we've been using and recommending to our clients. Fast and reliable, and in my opinion, better than the existing competition.

    Denys Vorobyov has used this product for one month.
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Daniil Kopilevych
Daniil KopilevychMaker@daniil_kopilevych · Growth Manager at HelpCrunch
Hi Product Hunters! We’re excited to launch a 100% Free live chat & in-app messenger for you. We’ve built it specifically for early-stage startups and small business owners to communicate better and faster with their customers. As you may know, HelpCrunch is a complex customer communication platform combining a modern live chat, in-app messenger, email marketing automation, as well as a simple helpdesk (features like Knowledgebase and Chatbot are coming soon too). But during the last 2 years of constantly talking to thousands of our users, we’ve noticed that some new businesses simply can’t afford and don’t need as many features as an all-in-one customer service software offers. Thus, those users have to use free alternatives which are either poor looking or very limited in functionality. We hope to serve that need with our free live chat - here are some of its highlights you may want to know about it: - It is indeed 100% free forever! No need to upgrade to a paid plan if you don’t require additional functionality and you’re ok with some limitations on the free plan. - Talk to your customers in real-time via live chat on your website - Customize your live chat widget to suit your website style and brand - Capture more leads with proactive messages - Deeply integrate HelpCrunch with your product to send laser targeted marketing campaigns - Communicate with your customers on the web and via mobile apps anywhere & anytime Check out the free live chat and let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments below - we’ll be happy to answer those throughout the whole day. By the way, if you need more advanced functionality beyond the free plan, just send us the promo code PHLOVE30 to get exclusive 30% OFF any paid plan.
Kateryna Khozroshyna
Kateryna Khozroshyna@khozroshyna · Marketing Director
Great app! More so an awesome support team that is very responsive to requests! Keep up the good work, you guys!
Daniil Kopilevych
Daniil KopilevychMaker@daniil_kopilevych · Growth Manager at HelpCrunch
@khozroshyna Thank you!
Aazar Ali Shad
Aazar Ali Shad@aazar_ali_shad · Product Experience Layer - Userpilot
Amazing app! Great replacement of money sucking apps (messenger) for a startups 😉
Daniil Kopilevych
Daniil KopilevychMaker@daniil_kopilevych · Growth Manager at HelpCrunch
@aazar_ali_shad Thanks a lot!
Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo Pedenko@pavlo_pedenko · Co-founder @ Growth Marketing Stage
I'm curious how this differs from Intercom? Is it just cheaper?
Pavel Pavlenko
Pavel PavlenkoMaker@pavel_pavlenko · Co-founder and COO @ HelpCrunch
@pavlo_pedenko Hey Pavlo! Intercom is a great software, but really overpriced. There're a lot of micro features that stand us apart from Intercom and you can also read through all the major distinctions by visiting this comparison page: We have a considerable amount of customers that switched to us from Intercom, though frankly there're a few who switched from us to them. In the end of the day it's only up to you what to use for your support, marketing and sales. And the best way to make a decision is to give all the best options a try. This is also one of our goals providing a free version. You can still trial any of our paid plans for 14-days, but for some people it's not enough as we're all busy people, right? So you can start with the free version just to check the basics and then choose any paid plan that suits you best and try it for 14-days. P.S. We actually support almost any custom scenario so don't hesitate to chat with us and ask for whatever you want 😉
Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀
Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀@ilya_azovtsev · Help sales team close more in less time
Congrats on your launch, guys! We love your product. Quick question - you mentioned that you'll be launching knowledge base and chatbot features soon. Can you share the ETAs on those?
Daniil Kopilevych
Daniil KopilevychMaker@daniil_kopilevych · Growth Manager at HelpCrunch
@ilya_azovtsev Thanks for the support and your question. The ETA for Knowledge base and Chatbot functionality is Q4 2018 / Q1 2019 😉 We will keep you updated on those for sure