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Framer X, a powerful new product that seamlessly blends design and development. Coming Fall 2018.

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Any one of the 98 people who voted this tell me what is it? Thanks.
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@allenleein You can read the blog post from here.
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@allenleein @ozgrozer I'm still not sure what it does....
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@allenleein Framer is a high fidelity prototyping tool. Framer X means that it will now work in a production environment using React.
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@allenleein @shuenw I use Framer and React, and I still don't get it. What does a "production environment using React" mean? Is it going to output to React Native or something?
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@allenleein @shuenw What does "production environment" mean? Do I get the ease of framer in conjunction with react-native? Am I going to be able get finalized applications from FramerX? I mean, I really like the framework and have been using it for prototyping, but I don't understand the hype around nice website without clear value prop...
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I love using Framer and I love React. My biggest complaint of the last year has been the inefficiencies of coding something in Framer and then having to recode it in React. I hope this allows me to create actual react components in Framer and pull down existing ones from production. Design could be entirely responsible for the front end. Dreamy...
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@matthewkulp That's been my issue with Framer, working in a small team at least. It takes time to code things in Framer, only to have developers recode it again. (And often inaccurately) If I can connect Framer X with our React component repo, use those components to quickly lay out a prototype – therefore, always using latest versions – and then on top of that create custom designs and interactions, that seems like interaction designer's dream. Although I'm not fully clear on how it will _actually_ work. Wish there was a simple prototype/demo. The video seems to just showcase Design tool?
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Product of the Day, LOL
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Why isn't this launching in fall if it's only coming out then?
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