Framer offers a seamless workflow. Draw, animate, and share high-fidelity work. Framer is a complete workflow for creating interactive designs.

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Hey everyone, today we're introducing Framer Design. Start your projects directly in Framer, using a graphics tools built specifically for interaction work. It has all the familiar features you know and love, but with some special additions. Auto-layout, smart positioning and device-specific artboards. It's the last piece of the puzzle in our mission to help you design things that feel real. Give it a go and let us know what you think! -
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@koenbok This looks amazing! I'm dropping everything to try this out.
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@koenbok very cool, congratulations to you and the team on the release!
@koenbok congrats on the launch! Looks awesome!
@koenbok very interesting. i would do the same for scripting. IMHO still difficult for a designer.
@koenbok Congrats on launch! As a big UTAH fan, I also want to give you props for using "SFSG" as the background track for your promo video. Great tune.
The speed with which you are pushing out these large product improvements is pretty amazing.
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I only played with it for 5 minutes yet, but it is so much fun already. Congratulations! I am already looking forward to the next iterations and features.
Bridging the gap between design and development. You guys are doing it right. 🔥
Will this ever come to Windows?