Founder of the Month

Support for the best startups every month

Founder of the Month is where founders can get $20,000 of Google Cloud credits when their product is popular on Seedproof.

We're working on an alternative monthly award for startups that won't benefit from cloud credits.

This is an addition to our recent Maker of the Week program that awards cash to popular products on a weekly basis.

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Hey, we're launching Founder of the Month to help founders start growing without spending money on hosting. We're very fortunate to partner with Google Cloud for Startups, and the Spark package we're giving top founders also includes G Suite and some other great perks. In the future we'll add some other benefits to the Founder of the Month so stay tuned!
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@awt Super nice initiative!
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@syswarren thank you!!
@syswarren ha, evidently Product Hunt doesn't agree with you :) Just removed the post from all feeds...
@syswarren @awt Pretty sure producthunt wants to create a business around their maker business so you are competition. That said awesome thing to do.
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@syswarren @kimmohintikka1 thank you for the kind words! And I love product hunt!