Fomo Storefront

Social proof for brick and mortar retailers

Since our first launch in 2016, Fomo has dubbed itself the "online equivalent of a busy store." Our new product, Storefront, makes that a reality by converting window shoppers into paying customers.
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hey everyone! this product was inspired by a Fomo customer who wanted to augment a furniture store launch with social proof from their online business. always looking for a challenge, we figured "why not." fast forward a few months, the pilot was successful and we realized more businesses could benefit from showing off digital activity at their physical retail store, cafe, or restaurant. Storefront connects to POS tools, online reviews, and social media to help customers make better buying decisions. if you connect a touch screen monitor, it adds interactivity like scannable "buy now" QR codes, and ROI is trackable inside Google Analytics or the Fomo dashboard. our vision is to give honest entrepreneurs the credibility they deserve.
Love the idea and execution! This blends the retail spaces with the online world nicely 👍
This is something different. Great idea !
🔥🔥 Congrats on launching!
This is an awesome idea. I think this will definitely benefit many smaller retailers out there in more ways than one. I could definitely​ imagine myself using this in a store.