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FOMO is such a no brainer. I first saw this on a Shopify store and even though I had no interest in the product being sold I remember getting itchy and thinking "wait, maybe I SHOULD buy this". Compared to static testimonials these slide ins are way more convincing. I'm already looking at getting this installed on my blog to show every time someone signs up for my Slack chat. Possibilities are endless
@evankimbrell thanks for the love evan! and exactly-- stale testimonials are on their way out. rich, up-to-date, customer-centric media is on the way in. syncing with slack chat signups would be a great use case. let me know if you need help implementing on your platform.
What's the feedback been so far? I've no doubt that it would convert people but I can't help thinking that it would drive some people mad!
@bentossell the first time I saw something like this was on @themakeshake website. It definitely answered the question "would anyone use this" and it gave me that hint of anxiety that I was missing the train by not getting anything. As long as it's discrete and not too invasive, I thought it was done well.
@caprihiggins @themakeshake yeh and thats why I can definitely see it will convert people. But being in the startup game and previously in marketing... 'growth-hacking' techniques dont work on me... a pop up to get my email puts me off more than makes me want to use it. I feel like this would do the same for me. Although that may well be the minority
@bentossell oh does FOMO pop ups ask for email? I never saw that on Make Shake. I will say that the more I am immersed, the more I see through the fishing nets but this world is definitely the minority. Most people (at least in my circles) have no concept of half the stuff on PH and would be impressed with the show.
@caprihiggins @bentossell we're proud that Make Shake was a Fomo customer!
@bentossell Thanks Ben, and agree. We value user experience far beyond "capturing more emails" and recently wrote about this here: Instead of asking for anything from* your users, Fomo lets you share information to* your users, and it's up to them if they want to consider it in their browsing behavior. Visitors may also disable Fomo permanently on their browser, by simply clicking the 'x' button in the top right corner of most notifications.
Really like this idea. Brings a party to any static e-commerce website.
interruption marketing. not a fan.
@jeffrey_wyman Respectfully, I completely disagree. I think popovers, full screen grabs, etc. are interruption marketing. We think of Fomo more like reviews or testimonials on steroids than as a tool that interrupts. With Fomo, you can opt out for months at a time, it will never stop you from reading content or doing anything on a site, and it won't insult you. Instead, it gently surfaces information to your visitors. I wrote about this more on our blog, would love your thoughts -
@jwmares wouldn't you rather have their full attention on your content?
@jeffrey_wyman Truthfully, that's often not enough. For lots of content, adding a social proof layers - reviews, comments, testimonials, etc. - makes people want to engage further in your content, not leave your site.
@jeffrey_wyman I've been on sites that do this and I never thought of it as an interruption or as marketing. It just felt like the store was active. Often, I can't tell if an online business is even running any more or shut down. I check the copyright date for a clue, but that often auto-updates. Something like Fomo lets me know it's still up and other people trust it.
@andrewwarner ok, you convince me.. I will give it a shot ;)
Overall I'm a fan of the concept. From a conversion optimization perspective I'm curious if it's worth distracting them to look in the corner of the screen though... Is there any way to embed it into a certain section of the page instead of having it as a popup?
@thebriankidwell thanks for the support brian! the corner is all for now, but a future release will have exactly what you're proposing -- the ability to both a) inject fomo notifications into specific page elements (ie: custom ) as well as user-driven gestures that trigger them, like a click, hover, etc.
@ryanckulp boom! Love it man. Keep up the great work
@thebriankidwell big fan of your flight list BTW... going to bali next month because of it!
@ryanckulp oh awesome! Congrats man! I got a flight out to Bali in February for $467 or something like that thanks to Scott. 🙌Scott is damn good at finding cheap flights! I'd love to put the site here on PH but I'm not sure if it fits the "product" requirement...
@thebriankidwell hmmm IDK, anything that makes the world a better place and works in my sleep is a product to me. what do you think @bentossell? heard of the scott's flights platform?