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Emails to 2hours@followupthen.com with the phrase "You parked in D2" have saved my life more times than I can count. :)
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Finally gave this a try. I'm impressed. Very simple and I'm personally fascinated by "invisible" products designed to accomplish simple tasks with as little friction as possible. Reminds me of @msg's Super.cc.
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Michael 😍 Galpert
msg on twitter
have u seen http://followup.cc
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Co-Founder, FollowUpThen
@ffumarola Yes, with power comes responsibility! Postponing emails (and tasks) is not always the best productivity strategy, and can create clutter if it's over-used – similar to a to-do list that gets overwhelmingly long. Regaring the "smarter" followup scenario, we actually just (2 weeks ago) released one of the features you mentioned: followupthen.com/how#response Ex: 3weekdays-r@fut.io The "-r" means "cancel if response". You can also cancel followups by forwarding a later email in the thread to 'cancel@fut.io', or use the search feature on our new My Followups page. FollowUpThen shines with "microtasks". The quentisential example of this is the email followup. Do you really want to add these to a to-do list? Or a calendar? Or leave it in you inbox? Sometimes an email reminder is all you need. Another clutter-reducing tip (outside of FollowUpThen) is to use a utility to unsubscribe yourself from bulk emails: ex: unroll.me Helps to get the unwanted stuff out of your inbox to eliminate distractions from the important stuff - like, you know, email reminders ; )
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Thomas K. Running
Nomad Gate, ex-Teleport
Forward, CC or BCC email to 3d@fut.io, etc, and be reminded at the appropriate time. It is similar to Followup.cc that got posted a while ago, but this one is much much cheaper. In fact the free plan should be good enough for most people.