Foldercrate combines all relevant internet services.

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Foldercrate combines standard online services like email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, friend list and chat in a single easy to use service. The goal is it to give the people a better overview of all their services and improving the performance.

Ishika Kapoor
Mehul Kumar
Sunshine Vasquez
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    Simple, clear, easy, ad-free, secure, private


    Honestly none!

    Due to the files being hosted on swiss servers, you can expect that your files are secure, private when you need them to be and can even be encrypted! I love this product and can't wait for the release!

    Janis Gerber has used this product for one week.
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Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav SharmaHunter@gaurav_sharma11 · Entrepreneur
Hi Product hunt, What if you could manage all your services at once? With Foldercrate you can have your Emails, Files, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Contacts and Chat in an easy to use and secure place. • Foldercrate combines standard online services like email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, friend list and chat in a single service. • Benefit from our revised package of services - designed to work together in a virtually limitless fashion to afford you an enhanced user experience. • What belongs to you remains yours and yours alone. We do not sell user data to third parties and are committed to respecting your confidence and trust. Easy operation Clear, clutter-free user interfaces and an intuitive user experience make Foldercrate what it is. Simple! Clear layout A clear and simple design can make virtually anything easier. Our services benefit from this particular brand of 'easier'. No advertising Whether you use our service for free or as a premium user, you never have to put up with ads. Across all devices Whether at the workplace or on the train; on a PC, a Mac or a mobile phone; Foldercrate can accompany you anytime, anywhere. Everything you need to be free A customizable design, complete support and virtually unlimited freedom ensure your needs are met. Safe and reliable Like banks, our services are safe, fast and reliable. Swiss standards of service are now available not only for your money, but also online.
Andy Zhang
Andy ZhangMaker@andyz · CTO | Foldercrate
Hello guys, I am the Co-Founder of Foldercrate and if you have any questions then feel free to ask. I thank Gaurav Sharma who submitted our startup on Product Hunt, we planned to realese it at a later time actually after further development but it's nice to see someone discovered us. Please don't hesitate to test out Foldercrate whenever you want. We are currently in a Beta and would like to know what you think about Foldercrate. Join our forum and be part of our community: We would love to get suggestions, feedback and discuss with you! :)
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@andyz Thanks! What inspired the idea to build Foldercrate? What is your main mission?
Andy Zhang
Andy ZhangMaker@andyz · CTO | Foldercrate
@abadesi To make a product that people want is our mission. Back then in 2015 everything started with just a simple cloud storage with an advanced interface. As we were working on it we realized how painful it is to have all the management separated on different providers, dozens of brozer tabs open and when you have to click hundreds of times until you find what you need. From then on we started working on Foldercrate in 2016, not even are all the services combined in one but they are also adapted to each other to give you the best experience. During our journey and progress we always saw more things on our competitors that could be so much better. Features like Keyboard shortcuts, drag & drop, so much more and freedom, whether if you want to use Foldercrate just as an individual person or if you want to manage your work in a team, Foldercrate will be whatever you want. A lot of options will be available for you, do you want to change the design? Or even just the icons? No problem. Also you even get to enjoy the Swiss data protection. No monitoring, no data abuse, just zero knowledge. We want you to feel safe, we want you to feel like home. Use it for work or use it for everyday life! People are always forced to choose between one of the great things a provider offers and we want people to get what they want without being forced to anything. Some things are still in development so not everything of what I just mentioned is already integrated but they are all coming so you can look forward to it! We'd love to get feedback from you so that we can improve Foldercrate even more.
Christopher Pedersen
Christopher Pedersen@topherpedersen · Web & Mobile Developer
How does the email part of the service work? Do I need to have an existing email address? Or do you provide an email address, something like
Andy Zhang
Andy ZhangMaker@andyz · CTO | Foldercrate
@topherpedersen If you create an account you will get a new foldercrate email adress like you mentioned.