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It's like IFTTT for on Slack :) What are some fun/interesting integrations that are being used on the platform? What is the story here and where do you see it going? Are you looking to integrate on other platforms like FB Messenger/SMS etc? @TheCudaFish @TweetsByBooth @fiznool
Hey @bentossell thanks for your comments! It's like IFTTT for on Slack :) ---> ….. And so much more! The bot is powered by a Flow XO workflow with as many actions (workflow steps) and different apps as you like. Also - in terms of looking to integrate other platforms ... Absolutely! A major point about Flow XO bots - they are cross platform, so there will soon be support for other team communication platforms too. We have public roadmap at https://trello.com/b/8qKlTlhE/fl... to discuss ideas and think about what comes next. Here's a great use case: Customers tell us they love the workflow bot builder and way workflows are constructed. It’s important to us that workflows are quick, easy and fun to build and use. We see the real value here in having information at your fingertips – a use case we love is relaying information to customers at blistering speed, rather than keeping them waiting. As an example - Passing this command: /xo balance john@example.com “John Doe” The bot in the background is configured to call up our integrated finance app, and use the arguments passed – a customer’s email and name – to retrieve the customers balance and provide it back right in the Slack window. Instant information in the Slack window that can be given to the customer who’s on the phone – no more hold music whilst the finance app is called up. The customers wants a copy invoice as a result? /xo invoice john@example.com “John Doe” “Unpaid” Here I’m calling up a new bot – one which will take an additional argument "Unpaid", collect up all the unpaid invoices and email them out to the customer through a third integration, perhaps Gmail…. Of course without leaving the Slack window. Where do we see this going? We can see a future where everyone uses a ‘command line’ to make their lives easier and optimize their business processes – with a Flow XO bot doing some heavy lifting in the background. We have an absolute focus on the quality of Flow XO workflows, bots and service integrations and want to provide a sublime experience. We want to create a wonderful user experience for everyone that honors us with a sign up! @thecudafish @fiznool
@tweetsbybooth @example @thecudafish @fiznool Awesome :) love the detail and I completely agree that the future is command line style! Do you offer easy 'out-of-the-box' bot integrations that allow users to quickly and easily link up x, y and z services to do a, b and c. Like popular recipes on IFTTT. That could be really useful!
@bentossell That's an excellent idea! We are working on creating a set of app-specific 'power packs' - so a pack of e.g., 5 popular Trello bots will be instantly available - and of course tweakable and shareable to other Flow XO accounts. They'll evolve over time as they're shared around... that's really exciting! :) Another development we're working on - you'll be able to generate 'lists' in the Slack window, based on an underlying e.g., CRM account. So I might ask for all accounts with the name "john@example.com", and get back a list of all those related accounts, along with the email addresses, and CRM-specific 'Account ID'. That last piece of information - the e.g., account, person or company ID is particularly powerful - because there's no way of getting that currently unless there was a trigger of some kind specifically for that person. So instead you'll be able to pass an ID in directly to the trigger of the workflow, rather than having to get it from a trigger. It can then be used to eg, Add a Note to specific contact that we're chatting to - a transcript of the chat. I can also relay or email that reference directly back to the customer, for their future reference. Would love to discuss any other ideas! @example @thecudafish @fiznool
@tweetsbybooth @thecudafish @fiznool Yeah I think there are loads of awesome things to do in this space. I do worry about the level of complexity that some bots will bring though. For non-technical users dipping their toe into command line world is one thing but have complex interactions with a bot can confuse them. Its key to make them really easy to understand on the base level I think. Out of the box solutions will be good. Also explainers around those solutions so users can follow along if they are struggling. Also these bots should be starting with making simple tasks even easier, and then seeing how users behave before layering in more complex tasks.
@bentossell Completely agree - We'll be writing up comprehensive support / help docs with use cases on our blog, and we always love to hear from customers on support@flowxo.com. As you suggest we'll start with some really simple, efficient use cases - for instance starting a set of recurring tasks against a deal. @thecudafish @fiznool
This seems very 'current'. For people that use Slack 👏 Build bots without writing a single line of code, just point & click. Use with your favorite services like Pipedrive, Trello, Gmail, and many more! Exclusive offer for ProductHunt users! 1 month free on any paid plan with code PH2016 you can find more info about how to get started with this new feature here: http://support.flowxo.com/articl...
Thanks for the post @_jacksmith :)
It's going to be a big year for bots and invisible apps. Slack, messenger, hip chat etc are the new app stores!
@weheartscott We agree 100%, Scott! Slack is just the beginning for this bot platform, we have more messaging services on the way! Our goal is to build a bot platform builder that integrates smoothly with the rest of our workflow automation philosophy! Thanks for the kind words.
Just a general thought, besides the awesomeness of Flow XO (which I intend to use): It has been a pleasure to read PH this weekend, I have been thinking "I can't wait to show this and that product to my non-techie friends". Good job @bentossell and the rest of the team.
@tapefinder @bentossell We're always happy to hear about great use cases - drop us a line at support@flowxo.com and tell us what you're doing with your workflows!
Today marks a great milestone in the Flow XO story. I'm proud to have been involved in the technical architecture and development of the product since day 1. As @TweetsByBooth and @TheCudaFish have already mentioned, the Slackbot is really just the beginning for Flow XO bot integrations. It's possible for Trello, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and others to be plugged into our system, bringing automation from a wide variety of messaging and productivity apps into the growing number of service integrations we have. Recipes are a key factor to this and we're working on getting these out as soon as possible. If this is something you'd find useful I'd encourage you to vote for the feature on our roadmap: https://trello.com/c/30Cant6n/70... Until then, we have just released a new 'workflow sharing' feature, where you can share a workflow with others via a URL. Others who click on the link can install a copy of the workflow into their own account. Recipes are a natural evolution of this and will be following soon. I hope you enjoy using Flow XO as much as I've enjoyed building it!
@fiznool @tweetsbybooth @imdrewlittle I think this answers your question, Drew! Tom, it's been a pleasure working with you! PH, Tom, Steven, and the rest of our development team has poured heart and soul into this release, and this is just the beginning. We're stoked. :) And to all PH users, don't forget about our special promo code, PH2016 for a free month of any paid plan! However, bots and all integrations are available on all plans, including our free plan!