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This looks amazing. I've constantly wanted to find a way to automate the front-end of communicating with new leads etc and on platforms that they're most comfortable with. This looks like it will be a great fit. Can't wait to try it.
One of the local startups I'm most excited about.
Very flexible and simple to use service. Allows to build MVPs in minutes. I've been using Flow for a while now and prefer it to Chatfuel and Botsify.
Great to hear that @vladzima - Reach out to me if you have a particular Bot or use case you'd like to talk about!
@tweetsbybooth I actually managed to break Messenger pipeline somehow, apparently Facebook doesn't want to pass some particular text or expression :) Your support is on it right now.
Looks very cool, I'm really liking the business model too! If you had to choose one feature that makes Flow standout more than any other product in the space, what would you say that feature is? Are there any bots that have been built with Flow that you would recommend trying out?
Hey @torbahax - I'll actually give you three! The ‘flow’-based approach, the long list of third-party integrations, and built-in hosting and management. In terms of Bots to try out - I'll contact you on Twitter very soon - we're hosting a Bot-hackathon in the UK in a few weeks from which we will have some stunning examples :)
I posted Flow XO for Slack ~4 months ago ( https://www.producthunt.com/tech... ) and @bentossell described it as "like IFTTT for on Slack". The team is now back and now launching on new platforms including Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Build bots without knowing how to code.
Here's a video: