$0-upfront tech sales academy to break into tech 💪

Flockjay gives diverse jobseekers the tools and training they need to break into tech, without code. Students in our online sales academy receive coaching from world-class experts, join a community of mentors, and pay nothing until hired.

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On a related note, First Round recently released their annual State of Startups which reports that sales remains the hardest executive role to fill, above engineering, design, etc. The right product and salesperson can be super dangerous. 💰
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@rrhoover It's crazy! As an industry, we focus most of our energy on teaching people to code. Yet, in a recent poll of 250 US college and university officials, not one school offered coursework in tools like Salesforce and Outreach. Meanwhile, the best sales reps are amongst the highest earners in tech. 💰💰
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@rrhoover So true Ryan! As a hiring manager in tech, could not agree more and the ability to tap into a vetted pipeline like Flockjay's is really powerful.
Hey Product Hunt! Shaan here, founder/CEO of Flockay. My team and I created Flockjay to make tech accessible for people from underrepresented communities. We're doing this by targeting a branch of the industry that itself has been neglected in this age of engineering bootcamps. Happy to answer any questions below! ALSO, special offer for PRODUCT HUNT: 1) If you're interested in applying, skip the line in the app (<10min to fill out) and use Referral Code: KITTY 2) We want to spread the word among the people that matter most. Refer meaningful people in your community with a link generated here, and you both win: https://flockjay.com/refer
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@shaan_hathiramani Cool concept, love to see how recruitment is being disrupted in this way. What are the requirements to start your course? Do you have any restrictions when it comes to age, education level etc? Could you also shed more light on what happens to students once they complete the course as far as gaining a job? And do the employer partners compensate you in some way, too? Thanks
@abadesi Hi Abadesi, great questions! I'll answer each of them seperately below 😄 We've found success in high-paying roles like sales and business development correlates less with advanced degrees, and more with skills/superpowers you already have, like conscientiousness, curiosity, coachability, and emotional intelligence. Our application process (a short 10-minute form, and a live, personal video chat with our team) looks for these skills, rather than any education or age requirements. In fact, we welcome learners from non-traditional backgrounds - it's at the core of our mission.
@abadesi We spend the last third of our course actively preparing students for the job process. Students start mastering the products of hiring companies, and we provide interview prep and coaching, along with resume feedback. We connect students that are ready for a job with breakout tech companies who share our values of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. As companies struggle to predictably hire top, diverse sales talent, and our graduates are fully ramped ~3 weeks into the job vs avg. of 3mo, they may compensate us for the placement, like other recruiting firms they work with.
@abadesi We also provide post-hire support for our hired graduates - we've found that this is a huge area overlooked by many of these programs. Having mentors available to help navigate the first few months of a life-changing job opportunity can make a huge difference.
@shaan_hathiramani that's cool. if this is a way to challenge employers' views of the 'ideal hire' I'm all for it!

The team behind Flockjay is world class. Kelly’s insight into the field combined with her mentorship has made a huge impact in my own career - anybody who joins Flockjay will be lucky to learn from her and the other amazing professionals behind the program.


Addressing a huge problem in tech


None that I can think of

Hey @shaan_hathiramani . This looks interesting. Is it similar to what Lambda School is doing? In terms of studying and paying later? Would love to get more insight into this
@shaan_hathiramani follow up :) is it only for people that can live/study in Pacific Time? Nothing for European students, I assume
@itstheandre Hi Andre! The business model is similar (we love Lambda!) in that we invest in our students, train and coach them for free, and only get paid if they get a job. The difference is we take a fraction of tuition once hired: similar coding bootcamps take 17% of 3 yrs of income, and we take 10% of first year income. Hope that helps!
@itstheandre We differentiate with our live, interactive classes, coaching and training, so for now, yes, it's limited to those who can make class (5-8pm PST). We'll definitely be expanding availability and options!
@shaan_hathiramani Hey! And regarding possible students from Europe? Any idea of how that might work? Or should we adopt to the Pacific clock?
@itstheandre For now, our classes are live at 5-8pm PST. We will be opening up to Europe in the future, but if you can make those hours today, then you're in 😃
Excited for this! I've worked with Kelly, Flockjay's head of sales training, and she is one of the best sales managers/sales trainers I've worked with. Brings true industry experience at real scale, a true perspective, and a genuine passion for coaching and developing. Great team behind a great cause. Super excited for this!
@jmbailon Really appreciate it @jmbailon ! @kschuur is a force who's not only the best at what she does, but brings compassion to sales. It's so easy to overlook how important this is to humanize tech, and also move consumer behaviors.