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Hi guys, we created www.fireflies.ai to help manage our daily communication channels. Right now Fireflies is a Chrome extension (mobile coming soon) that automatically creates follow up tasks as you converse across FB, Slack, Email, and every other communication channel. Using NLP, Fireflies.ai classifies actions you need to take and routes them to appropriate workflows like your Calendar. We use machine learning to train our AI assistant based on how users respond to the suggested tasks. Right now the task recognition models are very early, but Fireflies will get smarter as more people use it. When you mark tasks as done or delete them, this helps train our system. We can't wait for you to try it! Share it with your friends and colleagues. Help us reach more people by upvoting. https://chrome.google.com/websto...
Great Product !
@leovarmak Thanks Karthik!
Well done guys! Happy to have you on our #botscamp16 Dec 7!
@thomaschulz Thanks Thomas & @chrismessina for hunting us! We had no idea this was up :)
I use the /remind function of slack pretty often - but this one is much better! Is it working in German as well?
@inboundbear Hi Phillipp. We only support English for now - but as we grow, we'll get to German + more