With 1 click, you can invite Fireflies while scheduling meetings on Google Calendar. If the meeting has a web-conferencing link or dial-in, our AI assistant, Fred will join the call to capture & automatically transcribe it for you.
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Hi Product Hunt ๐Ÿ‘‹, I'm Krish, co-founder at Fireflies.ai and I am here along with my co-founder @sudotong We've added a new tool to the Fireflies ecosystem. The chrome extension makes it very easy to invite our AI Assistant Fred to your meetings. Fred can record, transcribe, and make all your meetings searchable in one central workplace. Whenever you are about to schedule or edit a meeting invite on Google Calendar, there will now be a button you can press to have that meeting transcribed. We believe conversations is where work happens. You're having a lot of critical meetings and if you've ever wished if you could just remember everything that was discussed, now you can with our Chrome extension. Sam & I will be around to answer questions. Let us know how you like the chrome extension and what you'd like to see from us in the future. Thanks again for all the continued support over the past couple years.
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I've been using Fireflies' array of transciption/meeting tools for a long time now and they all work seamlessly together. The chrome extension, like the others, works perfectly and is super convenient! Totally recommend!


Great productivity tool! Works exactly how it's described and extremely easy to use.


None yet!

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Awesome calendar application!
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@jenniferrrrrooo Thank you Jennifer! Curious what calendaring or web-conferencing tools you use
How are you doing the transcription? AWS? Yourself? Your GDPR docs say that we need to explicitly request a list of Sub-processors.
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@imatincr we do use Digital Ocean and AWS as part of the processing stack along with systems like Tensorflow for our own Voice processing. If you have specific questions on voice processing and data retention reach out to me at krish@fireflies.ai!
Love the calendar integration!
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@lachlankirkwood Thank you! Hope the button serves a quick and easy reminder to capture all your important meetings
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