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Hey all - co-founder of Plaid here. After helping others build products in financial services we realized that there really wasn't any quality content diving into the intricacies and details of the financial system. Hopefully some of our writings here will strike a chord with some - and even better get people excited about building new applications and products in fintech! Feel free to ask me any questions - or shoot me an email at william[at]
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@williamhockey more interested in articles targeting fintech and the unbanked!
@williamhockey This is excellent reading and thank you for making that! I have a question though. Are you considering making an app for Android/iOS?
@nebojsa_jovic right now its responsive on mobile, and will probably stick to that for the near future. Will definitely update you if we ever role out anything native!
Plaid team is supersmart and their financial product is a modern banking API
Sleek site, thnx for sharing
Already tons of great content here and looking forward to learning more!
Love the site! Great content