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#4 Product of the DayApril 23, 2016
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Hello, Hunters! I am the CEO of Fillip App. So as a very enthusiastic group of students, we know that we do need motivation for our everyday life tasks. So, we created Fillip App, a task manager that is specifically designed to help you get motivation. Fillip app is a new way to tackle your to-do list and get everyday activities done. It lets you easily set tasks and motivates you to accomplish them. You can set up your tasks easily how never before, choose your own motivation level and type, and customize your list. All this creates a very unique way to raise your productivity. Now if you visit this link -, you will get a special «startup» secret perk on Indiegogo, for ProductHunters only! Would love to hear what you guys think about Fillip App, I'm excited to answer all your questions! Have a nice day! 🌟
so many habit/motivation apps out there, it's really competitive and difficult to differentiate yourself. it would be helpful for me to see an example of a real-life situation where it works better than your typical habit app
@jeffrey_wyman Thanks for your comment! There are no task managers on the market that gives you motivation. There are a lot of apps that can help you motivate yourself. We decided to change that. Fillip App will undarstand what are you planning to do and give you relevant and personalized motivational phrases.
@paul_scriptum @jeffrey_wyman Wouldn't you agree that in order to boots motivation, it requires a little bit more than "motivational phrases"?
@grmmph Yes, of course. But I think for those who is searching for motivation, even motivational phrases can be a great solution. By the way we are going to built in some NLP technologies to make you even more productive :)
Have you based your work on psychological researches?
@grmmph We do have such specialist in our team, yes.
Not really sure how you differentiate yourself from other task managers in the market by just adding a few quotes for motivation - motivation should be either incentivized or be innate, otherwise it'll be hard to get yourself to actually get shit done.
@derek_mei Other task managers just don't give you motivation. Our app is made to give you relevant motivation for your exact task. Keywords, deadline, type of the task — all this will affect on the motivation you get.
Much needed. 😇
@palakzatakia We hope our product will get the needed founds too!
Great app! I invested in the 20 dollar peak before I saw the special Product hunt peak, I'll see if I can upgrade my peak later on :)
@calum_webb Thank you very much ;)