Felt 3.0

Send fresh flowers with a personal, handwritten card.

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Hi Everyone! We're so excited about the launch of this big addition to Felt — Fresh Flowers. Since 2013, people have been able to write a personal card using their finger or a stylus. We then print, seal, stamp and mail the card within 24hrs. And the best part about flower + card orders is that they ship in the same box so they arrive together. Creating the most personal experience possible. We're stocking these flowers at our facility and picked them carefully. There are two unique options: Fresh Cut Orchids and Hang Dried Lavender. It's $50 for the Orchids and $20 for the Lavender. Shipping is $10 and $8 respectively. Overnight and Saturday delivery is available for both. It's been fun learning how to care, wrap and ship flowers. I hope you give it a try and let us know what you think!
Hey @tomerlikehomer I like the product photography, and the designs you chose are cute. Good timing, with Mother's Day coming up! A few quick notes 😄 - The Download button on your website is broken - You should add to this ProductHunt post and point people to your app directly.
@nickjnish Wow, thanks. Updated the post and we're figuring out why the button is broken.
this is cool! which countries do you deliver to?
@sweet_lou612 Only within the US for flowers. But if you send a card without flowers, that can go anywhere in the world.
Wow, those truly are beautiful! Would love to see how the orchids look as well. Any chance of a upcoming android app?
@seanatkisson Thanks! You can see the Orchids in the images. They are fresh cut orchids, not potted. Android is coming soon!