Faqbot 3.0

Reduce support volume with FAQ chatbot

Faqbot transforms companies' FAQ page into automated chat. We use best-in-class artificial intelligence to understand, reduce customer support volume and scale.

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My name is Mathis. I'm the CEO & Co-founder of Faqbot. Faqbot transforms companies' FAQ page into automated chat powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Approximately 1 year ago we launched our first platform version and the result was tremendous. We have worked hard to develop the best SaaS platform to build self-servicing help for customer support, sales and marketing automation. We built our own AI engine that is optimised for FAQ-content, and which uses natural language processing (NLP) to best connect customer questions with helpful answers. By building our own AI engine instead of using existing technologies, we chose the hard way of doing this. But it also paid off: because of our experience our AI engine is two times more accurate than other AI engines on the market for this specific task. Now we are ready and excited to use this AI-engine to improve the accuracy of our chatbots. We would love for you to test it out & hear your feedback! Feel free to comments here, or email me mathis@faqbot.co, if you have any questions or comments. Sign up to our 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and let us know what you think, enjoy!!
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Website is offline here. What's going on?
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Trying to visit https://faqbot.co/home, https://faqbot.co and other variations, but none seems to work. When you're going to fix that?
@fernando_paladini Hi Fernando, website is live, can you please details?
@fernando_paladini @mathisandre_ I am in China, I can not open https://faqbot.co/, https://www.faqbot.co/ too. It is a blank page.
@mathisandre_ The website still ofline here. Any update on that? I don't know what's going on. I would like to check out your product but I cannot do that. It just shows an blank screen / blank page, just like the reported by @hain .
@fernando_paladini and @hain_wang Can you please check back to see if you can access these website without any issues? Thank you again for taking time. CC @mathisandre_
Very good product ...
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Why do you not have the chatbot on your site? That would show commitment to eat your own dog food.
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@kevbaum It is a good remark! Maybe because we are too busy for our customers and prospects first, then we will set up our own Faqbot ;) Did you tried Faqbot?
@mathisandre Not yet - evaluating a few for feature/price fit - We evaluate SAAS products and recommend them to our client base. We then help them make them work. We are currently looking for Products the improve/reduce cost around client support and engagement. I will have a look soon. Currently evaluating Drift.
@kevbaum Great to hear this. Faqbot can definitely help your client base to reduce support volume. We also have an API you can plug to work with Drift and Intercom for your information!
@roland_hovsepyan Hi Roland, did you tried the Faqbot? :)