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#3 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2017

We turn your FAQ page into a chatbot in minutes. Build your own chatbot with custom conversation flow for customer support, sales or lead generation purposes.

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I typed "I want to talk to someone in sales" into your chatbot, which is clearly a gift for anyone sitting on the other side to close me and your chatbot replied "Good Conversation really makes my day" and then did nothing. When I typed "I want to buy your service" it replied "Sorry, I'm a chatbot. I am constantly learning and have answers to frequently asked questions. For your specific question, please leave your email and we will get back shortly." - you might want to tweak this to capture my information and forward this to a sales team for example, at this point just lost 2 easy sales.
@sidsriramoju Thanks Sid, good comments. We saw this at the backend. This is a feature of Faqbot. We capture all new questions that are not in the FAQ. Such as your, so we can formulate a good response and add this to the FAQ database. So the next users who asked similar question benefits from this. Faqbot let our users gather and curate a 'user driven FAQ database'. Concretely, next time some one ask the same question such as your, the bot will say. "Great, please give me your email and I will ask Denny to contact you asap". Or you can redirect them to a sign up page or any other 'next step' (ie. call to action). Secondly, such question could be used to trigger a custom conversation flow - to qualify the sales lead. This flow can be built using our conversation flow creator. So you can guide your prospects or users to a predefined outcome. Our customer use this second feature to build their own conversation flow for sales and lead generation automation. All this without any coding skills. I hope this clarify. Give it a go - try our 7-day free trial. PS - Try asking the same question again - see what it says. ;)
@sidsriramoju @dewotak A very key feature. Even if it requires human participation, capturing questions in this manner can make a bot vastly "smarter" very quickly.
@sidsriramoju @mthacks Yes, indeed Mark. This is part of our FAQ automation feature. We capture new questions or variant of these, so we can add it into the FAQ database. This let our use to build and curate a FAQ database that is driven by users. Faqbot platform let human agent to monitor in real-time and if needed they can take control of the chat and de-activate momentarily the chat-bot. If not all new unanswered questions by the chatbot will create a ticket - so it can be added to the FAQ databases.
Hello, My name is Mathis. Together with Denny we are the co-founders of Faqbot. Faqbot is a SaaS that turn your FAQ content into a chatbot in minutes. 6 months ago we launched our first version and the result was tremendous. We have worked hard, selling and developing version 2.0 of our software. We launch version 2.0 today with a new feature to build custom conversation flow. That allow your chatbot to guide your users to a predefined outcome. Companies use this to build chatbot for FAQ, sales or lead generation automation purposes. We would love for you to test it out & hear your feedback! Feel free to comments here, or email me mathis@faqbot.co, if you have any questions or comments. Sign up to our 7-day free trial and let us know what you think, enjoy!!
@faqbot @mathisandre Mathis, I pointed that out somewhere else, but looks like you avoided the comment, so I am asking here, again, in a more public space: why your logo is reversed Sphero (http://gosphero.com) logo? Just wanted to raise this concern before you plan to launch your product further... hope you have an answer on this matter and that you will change it on time so it does not jeopardize your entrepreneurial efforts.
@faqbot @picsoung Hey Nicolas. That's good question! We are fans of Sphero logo, and one day we saw the reversed logo and it was like a messaging bubble. He is not 100% similar of Sphero logo if you have good eyes! 😉
@faqbot @picsoung @mathisandre Sphero gave you rights to use that logo? I find that very hard to believe.
@faqbot @picsoung @mathisandre @theashtube - to clarify. We are not asking Sphero for rights. We have created a different logo and is trade marking this based on the fact that we are working in different domain and application.
@faqbot @picsoung @mathisandre @theashtube Appreciate the feedback and remark. We will be watchful to avoid any unnecessary legal work. Got enough on the plate - as startup already ;)
Hi Matthijs, just wondering why your pricing is so insanely high?
@haroon Thank you for the question. Good one. Short answer : Because we provide real value ;) Long answer : We help companies to save time and increase online conversion by using chatbot for automation purposes. The ROI is quick to calculate and recover ;) Sign up for a Free trial - see it yourself :-)
@haroon Would be interested to hear why you think it is high and what are you comparing this to? Thanks
I love this product.
@basictechy thank you! You can start a 7-days free trial😎🤖
@basictechy Thanks Andrew. We have interest also from large online learning courses where the teacher uses chatbot to answer to frequently asked questions from their student 24hr. Would be happy to talk more about this. Also would be happy to work on concrete use case for African businesses where users are more message platform (chat) incline. Which language would you start?
I love how you turned the Sphero logo upside down to make it yours.